Friday, November 11, 2011

Hanging With The Boys

Well, it wasn't exactly a Guys Night Out since all of our Mommies were there, but it sure was great to hang with the Guys today.

Ben, Ian, Corbin and I went to the Twirl Cafe!  Nothing like a chance to hang out with the Guys and talk about real Manly things like toy trucks and milk!

I could see this becoming a tradition way into the future.

We did get a little rowdy.  The milk was flowing and we had all had a stressful week so we had to blow off a bit of steam.
It was all in good fun though.  Nothing wrong with a little wrestling amongst friends.
Well, everything was in good fun until this crazy two year old came out of nowhere and started pummeling me because I was looking at his toys the wrong way.

The Twirl Cafe can be a rough place after 10 am!


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