Saturday, November 26, 2011

Getting the Christmas Tree Up!

With Thanksgiving over for nearly 48 hours it was decided that it was definitely time to get our Christmas decorations ready.  

Because of my small stature I could only be so much help but I did my best.

I look at this as more of an apprenticeship stage.  Basically what I do is observe the things Daddy does.  Apparently we will go to a tree farm some year but Daddy mentioned something about me putting pine needles in my mouth.
That and plugs . . . for some reason Daddy thought it should be as far away from my reach as possible.
Getting the ornaments was fun also.  One Starbucks snow globe was smashed but all and all it was a successful project.
A beautiful Christmas Tree!  For some reason all the ornaments were out of my reach.  I guess they had their reasons.


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