Sunday, September 4, 2011

An Unsettling Day At The Zoo : (

Mommy and Daddy took me to the Woodland Park Zoo.  I was fairly excited.  It wasn't a big deal last time.  Lots of fierce animals but they were all in cages or enclosures.

But not this time around!  There were dinosaurs and they were being aloud to roam free.   It's like the Zookeepers ignored the whole idea that there would be children around.  Wouldn't a little baby make a great snack for one of these things!?!?!

I mean you don't just allow a Tyrannosaurus Rex free range. 
I was even perturbed by the herbivores.  I mean, even if a Triceratops doesn't want to eat me it could still charge us if it thought we were a threat!
Thankfully I have a brave Daddy who isn't afraid to stand his ground and get between me and the Dinosaurs.  That at least put me at ease a bit.
We ended the day with a calming carousel ride.  I knew these horses weren't real and posed no threat.  

Next time take me to see caged animals Parents.  I don't want to risk getting eaten or gored!


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