Monday, September 26, 2011

Standing Up To Daddy!

Even as a Baby it is important not to be a doormat.  I realize that if I give Daddy an inch he will take a mile so tonight I set some boundaries.

Daddy decided to tease me with a Coke bottle.  I would try and grab it and he would pull it away.  Kind of a bully!
I mean it was fun for awhile but I wanted to play with it.  I put in a lot of effort but he kept pulling it from me!
And when he finally let me drink from it I didn't get to try Coke for the first time.  The bottle was sealed and he had me drinking from the bottom!
Well, if Daddy was going to jerk me around like that I'll get back at him.  I crawled out onto the carpet and grabbed some lint and shoved it in my mouth and started chewing.  Daddy really hates when I do this!  We went through a big deal of him getting the lint out of my mouth.  Not a very pleasant experience for me, but if Daddy wants to yank my chain, I'll yank his!

Hope you enjoyed one of the first of many of our power struggles Daddy!


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