Monday, September 5, 2011

Garden Gnome Denied!

It was such a nice day that Mommy and Daddy took me out in the yard and squirted me with the hose!
I'm not going to complain.  I quivered with excitement just like every time I'm exposed to water.
Still, the time in the yard was spoiled by Daddy's refusal to let me play with the Garden Gnome.  Daddy's parents deprived him by not having Yard Decorations when he was a little boy so he vowed that his son would have one.  Mommy eventually relented and allowed him to have a Gnome from an Travelocity promotion.
For God's sake Daddy, what's the point of having a yard decoration if you are going to not let your son play with it.  I'd get close and he'd just pull me away!

I will chew on that Gnome someday!  Even if I do have to follow him Around the World!


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