Monday, September 19, 2011

Mail Baby

Mommy had some very important letters to send today so we went to the Post Office.  Very exciting since before I just see mail being delivered.

It was very fun because Mommy let me sit on the counter and stamp the envelopes.

God I wanna be a Mailman.  I see them around my neighborhood and they are always very nice to us.
I babbled to Mommy about possibly looking into the profession when I grow-up.  She said that would be fine but perhaps I should look into other "Growth" industries.

Perhaps . . . A Newspaper Reporter?
A Video Store Clerk?
Maybe a Buggy Carriage Driver?
Mommy I don't understand you but I didn't appreciate the sarcastic tone!

I mean with no Mailmen we'd have to go back to using Storks to deliver babies.


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