Saturday, May 3, 2014

Visiting Africa

Today we were scheduled to visit friends, but not just any friends.  Today we were going to go across the lake.  I wasn't quite sure where this new place was but it made since that we were going to that land mass across the water I have always heard about on my Dinosaur TV shows.

I was excited to finally be going to Africa!

Perhaps we would even get to go dig for some Dinosaur fossils or at least go on a safari!
Well, turns out Africa is actually a place called Bellevue and it was just as rainy as the place that I had left.  I didn't even get a plane ride!

Still, it wasn't a total waste.  I got to hang out with my surrogate Little Brother Matthew.
And hey, there was still plenty to keep me occupied!
Matthew has a bigger Dump Truck and Ball than I do so I was quite entertained.
All and all the night was quite entertaining.  Hey, sometimes even if your trip takes you someplace other than expected it was still worth it.  

Just think about Christopher Columbus sailing to Asia and ending in America!  
Also kind of nice when you are tired and want to go home you don't have to go across multiple time zones!


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