Saturday, May 17, 2014

Don't You Need To At Least Know How To Write To Have A Constitution!

Do you know why the Norwegians brought ladders to the supermarkets in Oslo?  Because they heard the prices were HIGH.

So today was Norwegian Constitution Day.  The day Norwegians celebrate taking a great leap backwards when they seceded from Sweden.

Well, we were better off without them.  You can't coddle someone forever.

Question: How do you say Genius in Norwegian?
Answer: Tourist.

Well, I found myself inadvertently in their Parade today when we went to dinner in Ballard tonight.

Maybe it was the Rhubarb Lemonade talking but as a proud Son of SWEDEN I couldn't resist heckling.  

I know it has been awhile since 1814 but Scandinavians remember a very long time.


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