Friday, May 9, 2014

An EMERGENCY! I love it when these things happen.

I haven't had so much fun since I went to the Emergency Room and everyone was fussing over me.  

There was an undetected leak in my basement.  Total chaos and I got to watch it unfold.  It was great.  God only knows how 32 Gallons of water leaks into his office over a week and Daddy doesn't even realize it but by the time it was over it was past the point of no return.

Daddy's office is now a lake!  But the great part was watching all the excitement that happened after Mommy realized what was going on.  I got to watch Mommy, Deeda and Papo operate on Red Alert and then I got to meet Tim from Chem-Dry.  How exciting.
Daddy was less fun.  He came home from work, glazed over and had a drink.  Lame.

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