Monday, May 12, 2014

Could I at Least be a Hanger On Ernesto?

The Multi-Billionaire, Ernesto Bertarelli and his wife Kirsty have dropped by Lake Union to refuel their yacht the VAVA II.  Very exciting!

I was determined to use my charm to catch a ride.  How do you have a chance to hitch a ride on a $160 million yacht with a billionaire?  Pretty simple, just go to where the high end people park their boats and wait . . . that is why I directed Daddy to go to Ivar's Salmon House.
Well that was disappointing.  I guess Ernesto and Kirsty weren't in the mood for Fish and Chips tonight.  They were probably out getting a Happy Meal.
Or it might have been because of all the lower class boaters showing-up to take up dock space.  
When you are driving something larger than a Washington State Ferry with a helicopter landing pad it is hard to fit  on a dock when the riff-raff are about.
Will you please move along now.  I am trying to do some social climbing!

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