Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Proposal To Ivar's

My parents are adamant that I go to college but honestly I think I could probably start my career now.  After all, I have already found something that I do really well and have a passion for . . . eating fish and chips at Ivar's.  It just seems natural that my life calling should be a spokestoddler for their organization.

Jared Fogle is paid millions by Subway and his only real talent is a willingness to eat there all the time.  Well, I have the same feeling about Ivar's AND I am just as svelte.
Through the years I have almost made it a requirement that Daddy take me there after every vigorous run at Gasworks Park.
Honestly, could you imagine a bigger advocate for this place.
Granted I do have a little trouble "Keeping Clam" sometimes.  Daddy has a bad habit of sometimes trying to steal some of my fish, today I had to actually physically grab it away from him and hold it in my hand as a precaution but I could work on that with an acting coach.
If you need any more incentive, like Ivar Haglund I have a very distinctive Scandinavian middle name that could very easily be reversed with my current last name for maximum marketing purposes!

I hope you guys at corporate aren't going to ignore this golden opportunity.  


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