Thursday, July 18, 2013

The New Volvos Are Pretty Sleek!

Along time ago when Daddy first started dating Mommy and I was still a long way off he drove around in a 1985 Volvo.  Well, pretty soon Mommy made Daddy clean-up his act.  Thank God!  I can't imagine driving around in a box.

Still, I'm kind of coming around to some of the new models.  Deeda still drives one and the one she has looks nice.  When we were getting it serviced today I took some of the new models for a test drive.
I could maybe see myself in one of these things.  Remember, I am a quarter Swedish.  
My only concern is getting these things up to the speed of an Audi.  

They aren't quite as boxy but they aren't up to my aerodynamic standards yet.


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