Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Very Intense And Exciting Day

Today started with an intense 15 Minute swimming session with Owen and Gretchen.  In itself that would have been a well spent day . . . but this was only the beginning!

After loading up with a hearty meal of couscous I was ready for even more fun.
There was an added benefit that Mommy and Deeda were at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I could pretty much have my way with Papo.
After I helped him fix his Audi I decided it was time to crash a party in the alley.  There were some big kids playing frisbee but as long as I showed I was confident I was able to be accepted instantly.
I learned some new words also like "Dude" and "Shut-Up" and "He's Got the Swagger".  But most importantly was learning how to throw a frisbee.
Well, I was about 10% interested in learning how to toss the thing and 90%  interested in being taught by a very cute girl.

What can you say, I have my priorities.


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