Saturday, December 22, 2012

Who Is Laughing Now Mayan Calendar!

Well nice to know that Mayan Calendar was a sham! I was a little bit nervous though. I am a Toddler after all. It is a lot harder for me to differentiate between reality and myth. Since we are all still around I might as well continue having fun! Time for another party! We got on the ferry and headed to my friend Ian's birthday party. What a magical land Bainbridge Island can be.
Oh the party that I went to was so fun! I was serenaded and was allowed to run wild with my friends!
Best of all, I was not required to clean-up. When the fun was over we just got in the car! I knew this type of behavior would never have flown at home so I took advantage! Hey, when you avoid the End of the World you have a new appreciation for life. -Jaxon

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