Friday, December 28, 2012

A Christmas Break

Sorry fans, I had to take a break. Hey! Even a Toddler with huge reserves of energy needs to take some time off. Besides I had a new Brio Train to play with! We decided to go to my old stomping grounds, the Seattle Aquarium. It was actually the first time Daddy had come with me since I could learn to walk.
Great fun trying out a new role as an Octopus but I thought Daddy was a little reckless getting me so close to the Shark.
To me this goes way past "Thrill Seeking" and borders on Recklessness. But when we left, boy was I in for a treat!
Three turns on the Seattle Ferris Wheel on Pier 57! Word to Daddy, more Ferris Wheels, fewer close encounters with Sharks! -Jaxon

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