Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Party! Time to get a little Rowdy!

My Pre-Pre School had an end of the year Christmas Party! It was definitely time to let my hair down and tie one on!
And party we did. I got off to a wild start when Daddy tripped on some ice coming into the school and had to break my fall with his body. It left we a little shaken coming in but after a hearty meal and a stiff drink of boxed juice I was back in partying shape!
It was so much fun playing with my friends for one more time in 2012! Nothing says Over the Top Party like a bunch of toddlers in a parachute or having a dialogue with a chicken!
The day ended with most of us crying. Hey, I know this happens to us just about every Friday but this week it was especially emotional! -Jaxon

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