Saturday, September 29, 2012

Going to the Non-Play Equipment Part of Magnuson Park!

For some reason Daddy decided that we should go to the part of the park that didn't have play equipment. I was excited! I was being treated more like a grown-up! It was great . . . for a little bit. I got to go to a beach full of giant rocks I could throw. Very exciting!
But all of a sudden I could hear a chorus of honking and a whole armada of Canadian Geese began sailing into me territory! They were not to be trusted. I started backing onto higher ground.
Perhaps it would be better if I retreated to even higher ground.
Once I was safe from the Geese I traveled to the Share the Vision Walkathon. I am a sensitive Toddler so I can certainly get behind raising funds for people who have trouble seeing.
I almost personally hurt the sight of one of the participants with a stick to the eye but he took it with humor as I ran off. Hey, when you have potentially angered someone twice the size of you it is better to run instead of walk!
And best of all there was a real live King hosting the Walkathon!
The play ground offers all sorts of kids to befriend, but I have never met true royalty there!
Despite all the excitement I was happy to come back to the security of Elmo and Chica. Sometimes the grown-up world can be a little overwhelming for a Toddler!

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