Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Don't Think I am a Painter but . . .

Daddy took me to visit a show by his friend Matt today. Matt is an Artist, more correctly he is a Painter.
His work was good! Unfortunately, it is something I don't think I could ever replicate. Daddy tried to get me excited about painting but I don't think it is who I am. I'm just not patient enough to have painting be my creative outlet. Thankfully, I discovered something from across the room that fit me great!
Not only did the piano have keys to bang on, it had a key cover I could slam!
Unfortunately I could only bang on the keys for so long before I was dragged away. Apparently Daddy thought I was causing too much of a disturbance. Especially since we were at a church! Well, at least I have found my artistic calling. Bring on the Piano Lessons! -Jaxon

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