Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day of Spoiling Part 2

Well, I didn't get a car. But I guess they could make me feel better by getting me a boat. My first time on a Chris Craft! Mommy and Daddy could park it in the garage during the winter.
Sadly, my friend Max is still in California, but Rob, his Papo, was there to drive us around. I was first a little weary of Rob when we first met nearly two years ago and he tried to toss me without permission. I have since warmed to him though. Especially when he is the Captain.
I didn't even mind the formality of a life jacket. Safety first!
Sadly, they didn't let me take the Chris Craft home either. Well, I'm beginning to accept that sometimes it isn't what you get to keep but the memories you have. -Jaxon

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