Monday, February 10, 2014

Showing Mr. Bacon How Good He Really Has It

Mr. Bacon was acting a bit spoiled today.  He had been squealing all day about how tough it is to be one of my toys so I decided to show him how real pigs live.
Nothing like the play "The Three Little Pigs" to drive a point home.
I was riveted with anticipation.  I just hoped it wouldn't be too intense for Mr. Bacon.  I didn't want to emotionally scar him just teach him a lesson.
The life of a Pig in the real world is tough.  You continually are in the process of building sturdier and sturdier houses to protect yourself from wolves trying to blow them down and eat you.
Thankfully for Mr. Bacon this was a fairly tame version.  Instead of being weeded out by natural selection as in other versions all the pigs escape to the brick house and the wolf isn't boiled alive.   

Still, I think I got the point across.

After the production I took Mr. Bacon to lunch to discuss the lessons we had learned.  Out of respect I ordered the Turkey instead of the Ham and Cheese.


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