Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Paging Pachycephalosaurus!

For better or for worse Mommy recorded "Bizarre Dinosaurs".  I have now requested to watch it more times than "Cars" and it now has a permanent place on our DVR.  I always liked Dinosaurs but now I know about some of the CONTROVERSIES!  Paleontologists argue whether Tyrannosaurus Rex had small arms to scratch their mates more delicately or were the plates on top of a Stegosaurus actually used for catching heat from the Sun????

Quite a lot of questions to have ROARING debates over on the sofa.

Another great question was "Did Pachycephalosaurus uses its thick skull to battle over mates the way Rams do?"
I was very curious about this so I decided to see what head-butting is like.  I'm a bit smarter than a Pachycephalosaurus so I didn't butt Daddy when he expected it and of course I didn't aim for the thicker part of his head but more for the most vulnerable part of his head (The intersection on his face between his eyes).  Direct Hit!
Yeah, that got me in a bit of trouble but nature can be tough.  Consider that next time you get into a roaring match with ME!

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