Thursday, February 27, 2014

Router:1 Daddy:0

For all my fans who might wonder where I was for the last 48 hours- it wasn't that I didn't have a desire to blog, I just couldn't.

We had an internet issue at the house.  Not to worry though, Daddy was there to "Save the Day" with a customer service number, a cell phone and an iron will.

Sadly Daddy met his match, the Apple Airport Extreme Router!

I give him a hard time but I really did miss the bed time story last night though I was impressed with Daddy's determination.

He went through the help desks at multiple tech supports, I got to see him go from annoyed, to angry to defeated.  He got to talk to people in Everett, San Francisco and India- such an exciting mix of people and cultures.
I didn't know how much drama could be created seeing Daddy talk to customer service, it was quite an eye opener.
Well, by the end of the night nothing had been solved and Daddy went to bed a broken man.

The next day Papo dropped by, flipped a switch and it was instantly fixed.


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