Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Fun!

Oh My!  Apparently I am not Irish at all but today it was all about the Green!  I would say nothing makes a waffle more exciting than Green Syrup!

The day got even better!  Apparently Daddy had consumed too much green colored milk celebrating St. Patrick the night before and felt that he shouldn't drive.  It makes perfect sense, I get really tired after a bottle of milk also.
This meant Papo had to drive Daddy downtown to get his car and they took me!

This was my first time driving downtown to get Daddy's car but I think he should drink too much milk more often if it means we can have so much fun afterwards!
We celebrated the successful retrieval of his vehicle with a wonderful trip to the park and exploring a tugboat!

Yeah, St. Patrick really had the right idea when he created this day.
Today, we are all Irish!

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