Thursday, March 7, 2013

Future Toastmaster!

Daddy had to skip his Toastmasters meeting for my birth so it was natural that I would eventually attend one of his meetings. Daddy felt I was a bit rambunctious so he didn't take me in right away. That was fine, since it was at the Swedish Cultural Center and I am half Swedish I had a serious discussion with the administration about my possible membership. And all of a sudden it was time for Daddy to give an impassioned speech! Good job Daddy! Oh, did I mention he won best speech! I had so much fun that I talked to Jim about becoming a future Toastmaster. Jim said they would consider my membership application so long as I was willing to show-up at 7 am each Thursday. I am all about it so long as I get to bring some more of these ribbons home! -Jaxon

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