Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Zoo Day With Daddy

It was rainy today and Daddy wanted to get out of the house. No park but the Zoomazium seemed to be in order. Unfortunately, on Sundays it is closed. Well, Daddy wasn't going to be deterred. After a little walking around in the rain we found the Rainforest Pavilion.
Oh it was a little scary at first. The Rainforest is beautiful but it is also an unforgiving place where the Law of the Jungle rules. All those Ocelots and Bushmasters had me kind of scared. I cuddled closely to Daddy. I figured that if they came for us they would eat Daddy first and I would have time to escape.
But once I was content that they were not a danger to me I started having fun observing nature. It is easy to be brave when you are protected by thick glass walls! -Jaxon

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