Sunday, April 1, 2012

My First Happy Meal!

I have always wondered about that place with the Golden Arches. Mommy and Daddy have never taken me to McDonald's before but today appears to be an exception. Apparently it was because I was so good when my pictures were being taken!

I was so excited when I was put into my seat and the colorful tasty smelling box was given to me. What was inside it!

Wow, what surprise! Some of the best tasting chicken nuggets and french fries I had ever tasted AND a Green Lantern Mask!

Greasy food and a prize, I can see how little Boys and Girls get drawn to this place.

Once I can develop my speech better I will ask my Parents to get a Happy Meal every time we drive past. Daddy mentioned that he was relieved our local one didn't have play equipment since I would be even more obnoxious.

Hey, I know what I want in life and it is a Happy Meal!

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