Saturday, April 23, 2011


Mom and Dad took me to the Zoo today.  I was told that I was going to see real life versions of my stuffed animals.  Yeah right.  The only "Zoo" was all the people running around and yelling.  Lots of other indifferent babies also.

The Giraffes I saw were so far away that I might as well have been with my Sophie.  Eventually I saw some Elephants but they were not as exciting as the stuffed Elephant that I got to suck on.
Towards the end of the visit I was was pretty fed-up though.  To be honest I felt like one of the caged animals and wanted to try to bust out.  I roared and bit like a wild beast!  Maybe when I get older I can appreciate the Zoo more.  
You can only cage a wild animal like me for so long

-Jaxon, Roar!!!

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