Monday, April 18, 2011


I got to see some tulips on Sunday.  It was fun for a little while.  Sure there were lots of great colors but there was also lots of jostling as Mom and Dad tried to position me correctly for the right photo.  It seemed like every row of tulips had the same situation with parents trying to position their baby just like me.  None of them seemed very happy either.

After the tulip experience we went to "Seeds" a restaurant in La Conner.  Dad and Mom had Boundary Bay beer in cups that were almost the size of tulips!  Now that really fascinated me.  Again they told me I was decades away from being allowed to try one.  I am way more excited to try a beer then see a tulip. Nothing like being denied something to make you want it more!

Bottoms Up!  And not just to get my diaper changed.


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