Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Cousin Kaylee

I didn't really have a great day due to my cold.  So I thought I would take a sick day and let my Cousin Kaylee blog. - Jaxon

I love hanging out with my Grandmas and Jaxon but there is only so long an energetic young lady like myself can be confined in a house.  So grabbed Uncle and we took a walk up the street.  Uncle showed me some sculpture that his neighbor Mel had made.  My Uncle said it was a cool sculpture but I wasn't so sure so I told them both that I didn't think it was that cool at all.  On further examination I noticed some attributes that I liked and told Mel it was acceptable.  I still gave Mel a few different aliases rather then tell him my real name.  Just like when Sam Clemens used the pen name of Mark Twain, if you are going to offer scathing criticisms you should also be somewhat anonymous.

Glad to be a fill in.

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