Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Greed : (

But despite the Papaya and Banana mix for dinner all was not well tonight.  Dad couldn't resist watching an episode of American Greed on the CNBC.  Now, I am a baby, so the concept of money is a little abstract.  Basically it seems like the equivalent of milk in the adult world (You have to have it to survive).  Apparently money is something adults have to continually work to get but sometimes adults commit fraud to get it from each other.  It would be like if I did all the screaming and then when the breast was available another baby swooped in and got to drink instead.

What if another baby started scamming my milk from Mom.  Very scary.  Could I sue them to get it back.  Where does a baby go to get legal advice?

I wonder if these guys started out defrauding milk from other people as babies?

I am becoming less innocent everyday.


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