Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Preparing For My Career

Everybody needs to do something when they grow-up and now I have inspiration.  I have been catching some of the lectures by Thomas R. Holtz, Jr., Ph.D. on Dinosaurs via YouTube.
I have been taking notes and now give nightly lectures to Mommy and Daddy on this topic.
I have to simplify things a little bit since my parents aren't as sophisticated but I think I get my message across.
Let me put it this way.  I reduce complex concepts of paleontology into concepts the general public can understand!  Just like Dr. Holtz.
Also like Dr. Holtz I can have fun while I am teaching and fun just kicking back with friends!
Even though I currently only have an audience of Mommy and Daddy it is only going to be a matter of time before my class attendance increases.  I'm sure Dr. Holtz started small also.
Best of all, my lecture series is MY time.  "You not talk now Daddy!"

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