Saturday, June 14, 2014

Creative Differences

Granted, Daddy is a necessary Ghostwriter for this blog since I still don't know how to write and my hands aren't big enough to type very fast.
Still it is JAXON'S BABYBLOG!  I will ask for your creative input when I feel like it.

Face it Daddy, I'm an artist.  I have a right to get a little hot-tempered when things aren't going in the creative direction I want.
When I have a creative meeting with Daddy where he tries to steer things away from my vision I have to rough him up a bit.
If all else fails I give him the Pachycephalosaurus Head-Butt.  

Sorry Daddy, a true artist doesn't compromise.  Think about what the Sistine Chapel would have looked like if Michelangelo had played nice!


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