Saturday, March 22, 2014

Shopping For A Girl Is TOUGH!

I was off to a birthday for my friend Sophie today.  This was a very special birthday because my friendship with Sophie is special.  She is the first friend I have made away from my parents.  Mommy didn't even know who she was when I got the invitation to her Birthday.

That is why the gift had to be extra special.  If I am mature enough to make my own friends I should be mature enough to pick the correct present.

I'm SURE she would love a Velociraptor!
Or a life sized Lizard maybe!
Now I know why Daddy has it so tough shopping for Mommy.  He totally said my choices were unacceptable!
Daddy directed me to a section of the Toy Store I never knew even existed.  What can I say, I just never gravitated to it.

FYI this is the exact My Little Pony we bought.


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