Sunday, March 9, 2014

Feeding My Dino Addiction

The energy from Dino Days yesterday continued into today.  I needed another Dinosaur fix.  The excitement was so intense and my need for contact with a Dinosaur at all times was so great I had to bring Rexy. Besides, he needed to be shown how his ancestors lived.

Yeah, they were a lot bigger and a lot fiercer.
Rexy is lucky that he was born a "House Dinosaur".
Must be nice not having to go out and hunt your own food.  Still there was one harsh reality for Rexy. No it wasn't a giant meteor like his ancestors had to contend with. I am a Toddler and my willingness to take care of him only goes so far.
Sorry, the Science Center just offers far too many distractions.
He is Daddy's responsibility now!


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