Sunday, March 16, 2014

He Naughty Daddy, He Take The Money!

Daddy was a bit naughty today.  When Mommy is out of the house he watches Fox News with me.  We watched a section on Jason Greenslate who was caught buying lobster with his food stamps.

I think Daddy was trying to teach me some lesson in personal responsibility when he showed a clip of him being interviewed by Sean Hannity.

And yes, Jason was very naughty.
Only problem for Daddy's lesson was that for me "Naughty" is actually a positive.
Sean Hannity bloviated and worked himself into a tizzy about how ashamed Jason should be about his behavior for spending his days surfing and collecting government assistance.

Jason just sat back, puffed on his e-cigarette and explained that the assistance was temporary until his band RATTLIFE started making money.  He seemed to have everything figured out.

Sometimes your attempt to teach me life lessons is going to backfire Daddy- just wait until I become a teenager.

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