Monday, March 3, 2014

Didn't He Learn Anything From Being A Toddler???

Well that wasn't a very nice thing to do.  You don't like a change in the government of your neighbor- so you invade them.  Naughty!

It really goes against all the lessons about sharing and mutual respect that the teachers have been trying to instill in me this year.

I suppose it was awhile since Vladimir Putin was in pre-school.
Case in point, I behaved myself all day.  I picked-up my toys, followed the instructions at swimming lessons and didn't grab food off the shelves at the grocery store . . . and I was rewarded!  Hello Mr. Bubble!
Sometimes the carrot works way better than the stick President Putin.
International politics isn't that complicated when you get back to the fundamentals in life you were supposed to learn when you were young.


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