Sunday, January 13, 2013

The End of the Football Season

Mommy didn't really care for watching the game with us today.
Still, she was nice enough to give her 12th Men some blueberry muffins before she left . . . a little calm before the insanity of the game started. What the?!?!?!!!
By halftime the score was Falcons 20 and Seahawks 0! Dang Pete Carroll, get your house in order. Daddy was also failing, if you want to keep me settled you have to at least have SUPER WHY! on in the background to keep my nerves in check. A football game doesn't have the tranquility of Caillou. But all of a sudden everything clicked!
A Seahawks 28 and Falcons 27 score with less than a minute to go!
Daddy told me to jump and oh boy I did! Can you say 12th Man! Unfortunately . . . can you also say "Field Goal"!
I guess the Hawks weren't expecting that one. In the end it was all too much for me to deal with. Unfortunately, I don't think my first Father/Son Football Game was a very good experience for me.
In the end I had to drown my sorrows with one of the last remaining Seahawks cupcakes at Trophy.
Nothing like some sugar to take away the pain of defeat. Hold your head high Seahawks. There is always 2014.
12th Man!

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