Sunday, January 6, 2013

Seahawks Vs. Redskins < Finding Nemo

Daddy watched his Seahawks today. Yawn! I literally slept through the entire game. I woke up for the final score.
Well I'm glad you are happy Daddy. The real nail biter was when they turned the channel to "Finding Nemo" afterwards.
Oh the intensity! It was way over the top. The drama of a baby clown fish being taken away from his parents was almost too much for me to take.
I'm not saying I didn't enjoy watching it but I was sure glad I had my Mommy to cling to while I watched. The drama was a bit intense! Being separated from your parents in not a laughing matter!
Being taken away from parents is not a laughing matter for a clown fish or a human child. -Jaxon

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