Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Starting My Sonics Memories (Hopefully)

Something got resurrected today. Daddy's love for the NBA. His Super Sonics (Might) be coming back to Seattle.
My Daddy was supposedly a little boy once and worshipped the Seattle Super Sonics.
He was my age when they won their only Championship. He thought they were cool even when they struggled during the 1980s but still loved Ellis and "X-Man" McDaniel.
And when the era of Kemp and "The Glove" Payton started he listened to every game when he was doing his homework. Yeah there was that mishap in 1994 but remember the playoffs against the Bulls in 1996! Especially when Brickowski messed with Rodman's head!
And the steady leadership. George Karl will always be the ultimate example of restrained passion for Daddy. And is there anything cooler than Nate McMillan returning as a coach! Of course, all these events happened long, long before I came along. Daddy is determined that I have similar memories though. -Jaxon

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