Friday, January 4, 2013

No Arranged Marriage For Me!

So Daddy took me to get my haircut today. Generally this isn't that bad of an experience so long as Mommy comes along to calm me and I get a lollipop.
It was fun until one of Daddy's former classmates came into the barbershop. After Daddy learned that he was expecting a little girl Daddy instantly started discussing marrying me off to her. And she hasn't even been born yet! It's like Daddy is some medieval Monarch trying to find the best deal to expand his Kingdom!
Either that or maybe Daddy is planning to get some huge dowery from their family and is looking for the best deal. Ugh!
Daddy, I know I will be a great catch someday but I am not a commodity to be traded. Let me be a little boy for God's sake! -Jaxon

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