Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Third Halloween!

I have always loved Halloween. I love it so much that I even decided to be born earlier to squeeze in one more to my lifespan. Hey, it sounded way too fun of a Holiday to spend inside of Mommy. The first Halloween I was a immobile Chili Pepper. The second I was a subordinate Parrot with my Pirate Daddy. Today, I got to finally assert myself! Nothing says Alpha Male like a Knight!
Unfortunately, the over use of my Sword at the University Village Trick-or-Treat event forced Daddy to regulate. Apparently there are only so many strangers I am allowed to stab before I get it taken away. Well, it wasn't a total waste. I got to spend some time with my friend Bailey and got enough candy to last me a month. All and all not a total bust. -Jaxon

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