Thursday, October 4, 2012

Getting a Little Closer to Using Power Tools!

I had a lot of fun with Papo and Deeda today. Best of all was being taken down to Papo's basement. My Daddy spent a lot of time down there when he was a little boy. He sawed and hammered but never got to use the power tools. Apparently Papo's Table Saw, Electric Drill and Blow Torch were off limits to my Daddy. I am counting on the fact that I am a lot cuter than Daddy as a little boy. Hopefully my charm will allow Papo to make an exception for me.
Well he let me see the Table Saw but it was mainly in the context of warning me about the dangers of it!
In the end I had to be satisfied with Papo allowing me use a Vice in a very supervised manner.
Oh well, I will continue my quest to use a Table Saw before my second birthday!!!!! -Jaxon

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