Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Salmon + Tatter Tots = A Second Wind For Jaxon!

Daddy dragged Mommy and I to a work barbecue tonight.  Not fun for a little baby like myself.  There was a little newborn there but he mainly slept and nursed.  He was too young to play with.

I was getting worn out until they let me try some of the Salmon!  It came right off of Daddy's plate!  I'm eating like a grown-up more and more every day.

That relieved me for a little while but the drive from Magnolia to Laurelhurst was way too long.  Since Mommy doesn't eat salmon we stopped by Taco Time and Mommy got some "Mexi-Fries" which is a code for Tatter Tots.
I got to try them out also!  I was so excited I charged all around the house for about an hour.  
About a second after this picture was taken I totally went crazy!


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