Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back to ¡Cactus!

It had been awhile since we had been back to Mommy and Daddy's favorite Mexican restaurant, ¡Cactus!.  But tonight, we returned.  It was very exciting.  Mainly because I had the chance to eat Grown-Up food¡
Nothing like Guacamole on one of my Puffs.  Cowabunga!
I was set to finish the entire bowl of Guacamole and then the Entree came, and I was introduced to . . .
BEANS!  Wow, talk about something I could never live without.  I'm loving this adult food more and more!
The night was capped of by Daddy's fun friend Jabe who works at ¡Cactus! dropping by to say "Hi".  I think he liked the attention.  I sure did!

Can't wait to try this "Salsa" stuff next time I come back but Mommy said I wasn't ready yet.



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