Friday, March 11, 2011

Ipad 2 = Adult Babies

My parents took me to the University Village today and there was a whole line of adults outside of the Apple Store.  They were screeching like me when I don't get my milk quick enough.  Apparently they were waiting for the new "Ipad 2" that came out today.

I don't know what the big thing is about these Apple products.  I tried chewing on Dad's Iphone and it didn't taste very good.  My only guess is that the Ipad contains some sort of special tasting milk.  Otherwise why would the grownups act like this?

Confused.  Also some of them still need their Mommys to dress them.  Apart from the fact that nearly everyone was wearing black, what were these guys thinking?  Even I know that guys don't wear dresses.

Going to retreat to my milk and clean diapers tonight.  I can only learn so much about the grownup world and not be overwhelmed.


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