Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Podcast

Daddy turned 40 this weekend and his Mommy (My Deeda) asked me to draw a present for him.  So just as an ironic joke I drew what to me seems like the most boring present possible.

Well go figure, he actually got one and he thought it was the most exciting thing ever.  With names like Thinking Sideway and The History Chicks you would think these things would be more exciting but to me the idea of adults blathering on for hours about topics I have no understanding of is probably the one thing that could actually put me to sleep.  Whenever Daddy tries putting one of these things on when I'm in the car with him I yell at him to turn on music.

I guess growing old is inevitable but hopefully I won't turn into my Daddy who reads books without pictures and enjoys Birthday parties without bouncy houses and balloons where people just stand around in clusters slowly sipping drinks doesn't sound like a fun future to have ahead of me.

Maybe I should create a Podcast of my own where I rant about not trusting anyone with a double digit age.  Even though I will be 40 someday also, my party will have a bouncy house!

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