Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Blogging Before Birth

Because Mommy was using pregnancy tests with all the unproven bells and whistles instead of a more reliable basic model I was able hide my presence for over a month.

Maybe it was the fact that she stopped liking wine or perhaps it was that huge craving for Olive Garden that made Mommy so persistent in her investigation . . . and on this day, six years ago, I was identified.

It was no wonder that I made my appearance a month earlier than my due date, suddenly I found that everyone talking about me but not being able to make my voice heard was just too frustrating, I was going to have to make an appearance and make myself heard!

Daddy filling the dishwasher with dishwashing soap instead of detergent on the night he learned about me being on the was just too juicy not to blog about, now I have my chance.


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