Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My Father's Son

Nothing says becoming my Father like developing a fascination with credit cards.  Daddy was fascinated the way his Papo could buy all sorts of things with his MasterCard that when my Daddy was five he squirreled one away from Papo's wallet just in case the opportunity ever came up to buy some toys.

It was only natural that I should squirrel away a card from Daddy's wallet, especially one that is GOLD and gives me access to all sorts of Hot Chocolate and Morning Buns from Starbucks.  I figured I could learn Mommy's app for ordering.

The idea was to put it back once I had used it a bit but playing Angry Birds distracted me and I forgot where I hid it.

Daddy's stern words jogged my memory a bit though.  That was like close to a week without stars unfortunately.

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