Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thank You Asa Mercer!

As you might know through my blog posts, I do like GIRLS quite a bit.
Still, did you know that over a hundred years ago there were very few girls in Seattle.  There was the unfortunate ratio of about Ten to One in the Male to Female population.

Seattle was a bit of a rough and tumble town only filled with a bunch of rowdy lumberjacks, fishermen and gold miners.  It was a place that really needed a women's touch.

Enter Asa Mercer!
He started importing them and the place became a lot less crazy and more family oriented when the guys started behaving themselves.  There were now women around to put them in "Time Out".
Still can't believe this crazy ratio was once a reality in Seattle.  Glad this troubling period is now regulated to the museum.

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