Thursday, April 17, 2014

Guys Night!!!

Oh yeah, I do appreciate the women in my life.  But sometimes you need to just hang with the guys and  tonight I certainly did.  Mommy went to Costco, Deeda went to a play and guess who got to hang out with Papo, Daddy and Uncle Mark.

Well, Daddy was a bit of a kill-joy with his constant monitoring of me but that is another story.

Nothing like having the females away to really cut it up!
 I had a discussion with Uncle Mark about the costs versus profits of Drilling For Oil, I mean how much more Masculine can you get than that . . . 
. . . to our final discussion about which Dinosaur would have won if they went up against each other.
Well, in the final Coup de grace we decided to leave a Polar Bear in the Freezer to scare Deeda. Naughty!  But that is what happens when guys get together.
Turns out that when the drinks are flowing people forget to eat.  Thankfully, Mommy was available with a burrito when we got home.  
Turns out a guys night always turns into the Men getting in trouble with the Women.

I'm taking notes.


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